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Rishi S. Vlote

Rishi S. Vlote is an amazing drummer, percussionist, DJ, producer and drum event facilitator. Rishi has had more than 35 years experience with leading shamanic workshops, trance dance evenings, drum circles, sound healing sessions and other transformational work, as well as concerting at world music festivals. Trainings with Arthur Hull, Frank Natale and many others. Rishi plays and produces with various world music projects like Hamsafar, Prem Joshua, Snatam Kaur, Milarepa and Subodha. His own productions “Forget Your Limitations” and ” Return of Shaman” are widely used in workshops and seminars. Simply, Rishi is a professional.

Irena: “Personally, I fell in love with Rishi for his sincerity, seriousness and sense of humour, for the depth of experience he offers…for his totality, for his open heart.”

More about Rishi at www.callofdrums.com.

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