Program of Rituals of dance, music and fire - Cesta Inspirace

Three pillars of our workshop are:


is the oldest and most common sacred tradition all over the world to support and satisfy the human need for connection – connection to other humans, to nature, to power, to the spiritual world, to healing forces and many more…


is the deepest expression of our heart and soul. Playing music and singing together is an uplifting experience and creates an abundance of joy and positive vibrations. It connects across all cultures without words. All workshops are with live music.


is the most powerful element of alchemy. Through the energy of fire we can change our state of being, transform our own energy, clean out dead, rotten and superfluous qualities and behavior.

Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is in some ways very similar to a TranceDance experience. You go on an inner journey to find answers, healing, clarity, guidance - only this time you lay down on your back, in a safe, cosy environment, and you use the sound of the shaman's drum to travel inside or outside yourself. The drum is your vehicle to go on a journey. Again we use the blindfold, the breath of fire and the intention and search for our answers. Often we do this in a group, but I also offer these journeys for individuals, specially for delicate issues.

TranceDance - Intuitive Healing Dance

One of the oldest and easiest ways to experience healing Trance states is dancing. Equipped with a bandana (blindfold), using an energizing breathing technique (breath of fire), the journey begins: 'Close your eyes, put on your bandanna, focus on your intention or theme, start the breath of fire and begin to move in the rhythm of the music and you find yourself in trance...' - in a state of alertness, awake and yet - in a vast inner space where the physical laws are not longer valid... you may encounter wild animals, spirits, angels, spiritual alliances, healers and guides... You may become or meet with other beings, find yourself in the forest or the mountains, in your past or future... Trust your body and let your self be danced - and when the dance is over you will be richer, more clear, in peace...

TranceDance is one of the oldest ways of reconnecting with your inner forces - empowering, uplifting, energizing, motivating. A great way to step out of old habits and to look at your life in a different way.

Talking Stick Ceremony

The Talking Stick is a beautiful, ancient sharing ceremony from the Americas and is still practiced in many indigenous cultures. It is used for clarifying, teambuilding and healing of family wounds as well as a way to simply share your own inner truth, whatever it may be. It is carried by honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. The person who carries the Talking Stick is the focal point in the circle of participants. He or she has the possibility to share his thoughts or insights, a poem, a dance, a moment of silence... whatever it may be. The circle is holding the space and receives... The Talking Stick ceremony supports every participant to be honest and sincere to the moment of truth in him/herself and the others.

DrumTrance - Trance Drumming - Drumming circle

The Trance Drumming is a sharing ceremony, all participants playing drums together in a circle. It is a non competitive way to share music and become one with sound, beat, drums and one another. Usually carried out around the fireplace, we step into a different space, often switching easily into a trance state. The sound of the drums supports a relaxing, soft, yet energized field where thoughts are gone and we can feel the sound with our whole bodies, getting massaged by the sounds and rhythm, become one with all around us.


Fire awakens a challenge ... passion ... fear ...

Fire-walking offers the opportunity to explore how we make decisions in challenging situations. It does not matter if we walk over 500°C live coals or not. The biggest 'take-away" is the learning about your motivation to make a decision. Why and when to walk....and why perhaps not? Because we assume responsibility for our conscious decisions, we can not blame others and find excuses why we can nor can not do something…or why we have to do something.

Fore some, paradoxically, the biggest challenge may be the exploration of their own motivation.

Next you can look forward to:

Shadow Meditation Journey, Shaman's Shake meditation, Sound massage with didgeridoo, No Dimensions Meditation, Making a scared prayer stick, Firewalking, Stories from different corners of the world with music, Soundhealing nad mainly to DANCE and LIVE MUSIC!

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