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Maok is a musician and an improviser, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, but also a man for whom the most striking element of self-expression is music. His unique dreamy and mystic style is easy to recognize even without having to know the specific song. Maok is a popular and regular guest of meditation events organized by well-known spiritual leaders in Czech and Slovak Republic.

He himself says of his music: “Music is for me an expression of freedom and love. Through expressing wonderment emanating out of a creative moment, there is beauty that can seize and introduce us to the colourful and constantly changing world of our soul, or it can stop any movement within us and we can melt in a single point, in the fullness of emptiness, which is the pupil of our eye at the same time. Or it can take us into the pulsating ecstasy of our flaming heart, or it can take us on a journey of dance and movement, where we will become one with our body and its inner rhythms. Or we can just have a pleasurable nap.

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