Dear fellow travellers,

My intention for the next year is to reach even more people to foster a community of dedicated people who like to bring more light, peace and beauty into this world, people who share a vision of Passion, Compassion and Love. For this I am initiating a “Shamanic Training Series” called “The Shaman’s Toolbox” to teach spiritual skills of healing, clearing and personal empowerment. Rituals of Dance, Music and Fire 2016 will be part of these series.

Rituals have a strong impact on us and can help to support us in many ways. Small, simple Rituals like exercises in the morning, the first coffee or a kiss and a hug before you go to work, a walk in nature, a prayer for your beloved, and whatever “habits” we use to enhance our daily routine. In the workshop Rituals of Dance, Music and Fire 2016 we will explore the power of Rituals and how it can help us in our life. We will look at Rituals and their various aspects, which can strengthen our energy, support our health and bring fresh inspiration and clarity in our decisions.

As many of you know – Intention is one of the most important aspects of any Ritual, specially from a shamanic approach. It sets the focus and aligns the energy into the desired direction.
The more centered we approach a Ritual, the more impact it has, so Meditation and Intention are going to play an important role in this process. And if I sound a bit structured this time, do not worry. We will have lots of fun together, as usual. Live Music, Dance, Fire and Drumming will strongly support the process and help us to connect to our joy, our bodies and our fellow travellers.

I look very much forward to meet many of you in May, and perhaps even sooner, since I would love to do another dancing concert in Prague or in another city with Cesta Inspirace again. I enjoyed the last concert „Tribal Resonance“ with you immensely!

Love, Light and Laughter,