Rituals of Dance, Music and Fire - Rishi,Ivo Janeček,Vilímek


Váňův statek, Dubovice 28, Pelhřimov



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For the fourth time, we invite you to the workshop "RITUALS OF DANCE, MUSIC AND FIRE" with Rishi, Zdeněk and Ivo

At this very popular and inspirational four-day workshop with live music, dance, fire and meditation, you will be able to experience ancient rituals such as Trance dance, Fire-walking and the Shamanic journey.

These rituals are still in use around the world today, often at the start of new phases of life. They are extremely helpful in triggering this change. Regardless whether you are experiencing them for the first time, or you practice them repeatedly, they are very powerful.

Relish four days full of dance and meditation with the sound of Rishi's amazing percussion and Zdenek's magic didgeridoo.

Drums and didgeridoo have been used in rituals since ancient times and they are the tools that connect us with nature, Mother Earth, with the Universe. At the same time they lead us deep into our hearts. That's where we find answers to questions we might have.

The whole workshop will lead you to work with your intentions and to Fire-walk under Ivo's leadership is a unique opportunity to anchor it firmly.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to slow down, relax, abandon your ever-flowing thoughts, and return to your natural self.

More about program


We would like to introduce to you the inspiring personalities who will be your guides during the seminar. Together they are preparing a unique program for you. They will be available for you during these four days. One of them is a great guy, drummer and shaman Rishi S. Vlote, the second is a music therapist, great musician and didgeridoo player Zdeněk Vilímek and the third one is an experienced organizer of firewalking events in Czech Republic and abroad, Ivo Janeček.


Let's meet our guides

Rishi S. Vlote     Zdeněk Vilímek     Ivo Janeček


Four-day workshop will take place 16. - 19. května 2019 

in Váňův statek, Dubovice 28, Pelhřimov.

The program begins on Thursday 16th May 2019 at 5 p.m. with an afternoon meditation. You can arrive and check in as from 3 p.m.

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