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Radiant Self-Love for Women

Imagine all the love, care and compassion inside you is like nectar in a cup. A friend asks for a shoulder to cry on and you ladle out some nectar to soothe her. Your partner is stressed, you ladle out another dose. Your parents need help, you give out some more. The children are upset, you give again. Over and over until your cup runs dry.

Where is the sweet nectar of love, care and compassion for you? When life gives you so many demands, how do you take care of your self care? How much time and space do you give to honouring your needs so that you can live the most radiant version of yourself?

In our world, putting your needs before those of others is often labelled as selfish. In particular many women find they have multiple priorities demanding their attention. Not only are women feeling over-stretched by the driving pressure of day to day living, but many also carry the responsibility of caring for partners, parents, children, and friends.

What would it be like to make your self-love your top priority; to believe that time for you was the most important gift you could give? When your cup is replenished, then the nectar overflows and you can give more to others.

Radiant Self-Love for Women is an opportunity to explore, experience and embody self-care.

Over this beautifully held immersive journey, learn how to:

    • connect with and enliven your body
    • awaken your feminine essence
    • shed the layers of self-consciousness that prevent you from being your most radiant self
    • get into touch with your needs and express them with clarity and compassion
    • ask for what you want and be open to receive truly it
    • activate the energy of your heart to feel more love for yourself and others
    • be seen and acknowledged as the woman you are
    • and very importantly…. drop into a space of deep rest.

The programme will have plenty of space for rest and relaxation so that you leave shining full of vitality and radiance.

Modalities incorporated into the weekend include meditation, self-enquiry, movement and dance, massage and touch. There is space to explore and embrace your sensuality and sexuality as an essential part of your feminine essence.

Each activity is an invitation. You are welcome to go at your own pace and there will be no pressure to engage with any activity that does not feel right for you in the moment. Sensitivity to our body and what feels right for us moment to moment is one of the most precious gifts that we can give ourselves and others.

This experience is open to all women. Something very special happens when we meet together in this space. Where we can learn from our challenges and our celebrations, our wins and our woes. When we come together, we discover that we are not alone but that we have the support of our sisters.

There is an urgent need in the world to create spaces where we can simply be. Drop the busy-ness of life and discover a deep connection with yourself. More of you to share with the world.



Weekend workshop will take place 18. 10. - 20. 10. 2019 

in Ekocenter Loutí, Loutí 4, 252 08 Rabyně.


The programme begins on Friday 18th October 2019 at 2 p.m. However, you can arrive and check in as from 1 p.m.


Full price is CZK 3 500 

(Accommodation and food will be paid separately)

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Accommodation and food:

Price for accommodation and food includes vegetarian full board and selected accommodation.

maisonette room 2 + 2 with private bathroom:

bed (including bedding) - CZK 1 480

bed (own sleeping bag) - CZK 1 280

meditation hall (own sleeping bag) - CZK 1 080 (number of places limited)

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