Concert Encounter of two Worlds - Maok a Rishi - Cesta Inspirace


Dělnický dům, Židenice



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19:00 - 21:00

We are pleased to invite you to a special dance concert


by two outstanding musicians

If you like dance concerts, do not miss this one!

The ENCOUNTER OF TWO WORLDS is a breathtaking concert by two outstanding musicians, MAOK (guitar, flute, vocals) and RISHI (percussions, vocals). The two are like WIND and FIRE, and together they create truly divine music. Their music will take you through a landscape where the sun shines, birds sing, the breeze gently wafts, and where your body sways in a tranquil rhythm ... only to sweep you off the floor with a storm of energetic and fiery rhythm of drums a moment later. Come and dance your emotions, your joy, your sorrow, your wildness, your stillness…so that you can open to life fully through dance and meditation.

MAOK's unique style lies in dreamy and mystically tuned compositions that are easily recognizable without knowing any particular song. RISHI anchors his music deep in Mother Earth and engages every cell of his body into his musical expression. Rishi says that each performances is a meditation for him, a prayer he offers through music to all the participants, and the energy that returns to him from the audience becomes his driving force. It is a unique opportunity to experience this ENCOUNTER OF TWO WORLDS!

MAOK & RISHI complement each other magically not only as musicians but also as people. it is hard to imagine a more creative connection between 2 people.


The Concert will take place on November 10, 2019

Sunday | 19.00 – 21.00

DD ŽideniceJamborova 3323/65, Brno - Židenice

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