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Friday open evening will take place in Karlínské Spektrum DDM hl. m. Prahy (1. patro), Karlínské nám. 7, Praha 8 / weekend workshop will take place in Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady



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Every autumn nature prepares itself for the winter. Leaves fall down and the energy of the tree goes back to the roots. The human nature has the same movement, but in our busy lives we often forget to take that time for ourselves. Like the leaves die in order to create new life, we also need the time to reset, digest and resource ourselves to come out with fresh ideas and new energy. It’s the dynamic of Life we’re all in. We need to die to live, they go hand in hand. It’s an energy that moves between life and death, in us, with us, around us. It’s a dance and we’re part of this dance.

One day we will also fall down from the tree of life on the ground and make space for others to grow. In this journey that moves from the moment of birth to the moment we die, we can experience and use our full potential and whatever life provides us as a gift. It’s up to every one of us if we take it or not.

Through the Dance we get a sense of our own vibrant life, but also our mortality. We feel the aliveness, but also the limitations, the richness of life, but also the tears of letting go, the deep gratitude, but also the fear of the unknown. Through dance we recognize life and we also honor the grief of letting go. There is space for everything we feel we need to dance between life and death. From the ancestors we come and one day we will be the ancestor of others. In between we dance our dance. Everyone is welcome.

Warning: this work can be life changing and it will definitely bring you to the heart.

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Workshop will be held on the date 10.11. – 12.11.2017

Friday | 19.00 – 21.30

Saturday | 10.30 – 17.30

Sunday | 10.30 – 17.30

On Saturday and Sunday will be roughly one hour break for lunch.


this includes entry to the Friday open evening as well as Saturday and Sunday workshop

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