Through dance we can express our inner world and because dance is an universal language we can also understand each other better when we move. Most of how our bodies move, during our daily life, is unconscious. By bringing awareness to the expression and shape of the body, you will come more to the present moment. In this moment you breathe, feel and experience the energy which moves through you and this presence makes you a conscious dancer. The more you practice this, the more this will be a  normal state to be in.

Dancing the Five Rhythms supports you to bring awareness in the physical-, emotional- and soul body. This transforming dance helps you to become a holistic being who can be present even when times are rough and challenging. It will bring you deeper in contact with the inner source and challenge you to be in your full potential.

During this weekend workshop we explore the level of consciousness in moves, breathe, seeing, connecting, receiving, giving and much more. We investigate this in the different levels of relationships: yourself, the other, group and spirit. We dance, dance, dance and dance more till our harness falls off and we are in the naked truth.

Warning: this work can be life changing and it will definitely bring you to the heart.


FLOWING | EARTH is the rhythm that learns you to be receptive. It brings you in the body and gives you ground to move on.

STACCATO | FIRE shows us what it is to give. It brings us in a fiery contact with the other.

CHAOS | WATER helps us to surrender and to let go, so we can experience our own ecstatic dance.

LYRICAL | AIR  learns us everything about our own light and playfulness. We move in to the open space.

STILLNESS | COMPASSION is the rhythm which moves towards our own still point. It’s the dance of coming home.