Lifting the Veil

Veil-between-worldsLifting the Veil

This ongoing journey has to potency to create a deep heart connection with our self, to open up layers we did not know they existed, to empower our life energy, to bring colour in our daily life and to make compassion our main anchor. The only thing you have to do is to show up, dance, explore, make conscious steps, be compassionate and bring it to a still point. This program can be challenging and life changing. This is not just dance, this is a deep dive into the mystery of Life.



23.6. – 25.6.2017

I am Awake! | Presence | Dissolve – Spatial Awareness

What does awake mean? In the dictionary it says “not in a state of sleep, totally conscious.

But how does one become fully awake to the world, especially in our world, through which we increasingly sleepwalk on autopilot, in a trance of productivity? How awake are we really, when we stop, sit down and close our eyes. How present we are in our body, breath, heart? A conscious presence, open and having. This weekend we investigate the meditation in the dance and dissolve with spatial awareness. Because of the intimacy of the experience itself, we come to move more easily from the level of mental analysis to the level of pure and free existence. And, at that point, the sensation dissolves into the spring of life that we really are, the life that animates us.