Video – Rituals of music, dance and fire 2015

Rituals of music, dance and fire 30.4. – 3.5 2015 Zákupy

Four wonderful days packed with inspiring live music, dancing, meditation, creativity and togetherness, all this in a beautiful ambience of Sammasati meditation retreat center (formerly Osho Leela), surrounded by nature. The weather was gorgeous, and number of activities took place outdoors, allowing us to enjoy the spring sunshine and fresh air. As we walked over the fire under the leadership of Ivo Janeček, the full moon looked down at us through the branches of surrounding trees. A magic moment…

Throughout the seminar Rishi supported us with live music, drumming with full force or playing softly on Tibetan singing bowls. Zdenek Vilímek accompanied him by playing the didgeridoo, enhancing our mystic experience. During the Trance Dance we created an enormous amount of joyful, playful energy, and many of us sailed on that wave for days and weeks after the seminar. None of us wanted to leave!

Feel the atmosphere from the short videos below…wonderful memories!