Rituals of Music, Dance and Fire 2017

Shaman´s Return – Healing Body, Soul and Heart

for thousands of years, Shamans had an important role in our society. Established religions tried to exterminate Witches, Druids, Shamans etc., but Shamans show up again all over the Planet, to focus our view on our Sacred Mother Earth and the healing powers from within. Rituals help us to become fully present and connected with those powers; with powers, which go beyond us and which we tend to overlook in our daily lives.
Rishi and Zdenek will support us with their mighty live rhythms and music which makes the Rituals very powerful. You will have the opportunity to join the Firewalking Ritual with Ivo Janecek. This time Monika Hasalová will join the team as well to offer her insight and wisdom to help us to give our experience another dimension and depth.

 Join us for a prolonged weekend of Rituals, Intention, Harmony, Integration and Fun!

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