We have kept the best of Rituals of music, dance and fire 2016 and we will add new workshops as well. Watch out for details.

Workshop is in English with translation to Czech.

Programme 28.4.2017 – 1.5.2017

Friday 28. 4. 2017Saturday 29. 4. 2017Sunday 30. 4. 2017Monday 1. 5. 2017


The Opening Ritual and Meditation – The opening ceremony is going to cleanse and welcome you in the new place and surroundings. You will taste the scent of herbs, the sound of drums in the rhythm of the heart beat and your breathing….WELCOME!!!


Live Music and Dance

Connection with the Five Elements and Five Senses– meditace na Meditation of the 5 elements and 5 senses within us – reconnecting with the inner senses:
Touch – earth: What is your body noticing? How are you feeling?
Taste – water: Emotions and feelings in your body. Where do you feel them? Firstly we will allow them to flow, then to lift off and finally to fall.
Vision – fire: Your intention, your motivation, your vision and your attention power. Does your strength support you or are you wasting and losing it?
Smell – scent and mind: The thought and its creativity, support or destruction, easiness of mind and fragrance of liveliness.
Hearing – space: Inner and outer – both inside and outside – harmony of inner and outer. We will knock on the door of sub-consciousness, awaiting an invitation to come in. We will open our hearts … step by step.


Shaman´s Shake Meditation

Wheel of the Life Contentment– Where are you in your life at the moment? Which parts of your life are you happy with? Which part of your life do you want to abandon? What do you want to strengthen and what do you want to change? What would you like to concentrate on in the coming days, what is the intention that you are bringing into Rituals?


How can the power of your words change your life and the whole world– Why don’t affirmations work for all people? Work with the conscious and subconscious part of our mind. Your power is hidden in your sub-consciousness. This is a practical and informational workshop and preparation for the trans meditation, step by step.

Trans Meditation– Using the meditation of trans we will work with the topic of clarity, courage, release and ability to manifest our qualities. We will see our vulnerability in order to come to our power and wisdom. Using trans we will call in our wisdom, our old experience, which we will be able to see and enjoy again. Trans is breaking down ideas and concepts that stuck on the surface like oil on the water and which pull us under. Anything, we do not longer need, will be left behind. We will gain an extended view and new perception.


Trans Dance– Rishi and his drums – this is a profound connection which is more mature and deeper with each passing year. Rishi’s unbelievable energy will unite us and together we will create an energy loop. We will be ready to dive into the trans dance due to the previous trans meditation and all carefully chosen techniques.

Firewalking– Allow all your old concepts to leave and walk over the cleansing fire.


Shania Kundalini Meditation

Work with the Intention and Energy – We will try to see the power that our thoughts and intentions can have and how it can manifest itself on the material level.


The Sun, our Inner Fire and the Fire within our Mother Earth Meditation – Connection of the Sky and Earth – this is a meditation of breath and motion, connection of the male and female principles within us, revival of our DNA. This is where men and women come together in respect and understanding. Don’t be afraid. I see you. In myself, I see you too.


Cacao Ritual and Celebration – The ritual of sacred cacao followed by a celebration with life music!


Sufi Meditation

The First May Closing Ritual – Be able to give and receive love, carry love and bear love, give love away and never lose it again. If you feel that love exists – you will never allow it to be taken away from you. The man will never lose anything which he causes to be taken from him.

We will say our good-byes after lunch around 2pm.