Term and place of venue

Rituals of Dance, Music and Fire 2017 will take place 28.4. – 1.5.2017.

Workshop will be held at the SAMMASATI retreat center again (formerly Osho Leela), which is located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings around 10 km from the Česká Lípa.

SAMMASATI retreat center can be reached by car, bus or train. The simplest way is by car. Use GPS co-ordinates N 50.6473795, E 14.6310139 or the address Veselí 30, 470 02 Zákupy in your navigation. We are happy to facilitatecontacts, so you can communicate with each other to carpool. Just tick that you are interested in carpool when filling in the Registration form.


  • R10 from Prague direction Mladá Boleslav, Liberec;
  • exit from R10 at 46th km direction Česká Lípa, road 38, pass Bělá p. Bezdězem, Doksy and Staré Splavy;
  • after a few minutes you will reach Jestřebí;
  • in Jestřebí just behind the petrol station turn right direction Provodín, Zákupy;
  • drive through Provodín and continue to Zákupy;
  • after a steep descent before Srní u České Lípy turn right and continue in the direction of Zákupy (you will turn before reaching it);
  • after a few minutes there will be low buildings on the left side (Prodej uhlí/coal sales), a chapel on the right side and a turn to Veselí (dead end); Here turn right;
  • drive through the forest, you will see an open meadow and just before the woods start, turn left to a forest path that leads to SAMMASATI retreat center.


  • D8 from Prague direction Ústí nad Labem;
  • at the 18th km exit from D8 towards Mělník Road 16;
  • in Mělník go through two roundabouts, exit direction Česká Lípa, road 9;
  • drive through Kokořínský důl and Dubá, continue to Jestřebí road 9;
  • Here you will pass the intersection and continue straight to Provodín – see above.


  • There are busses from Prague, Holešovice Station to Jestřebí, the journey takes about 1.5 hours (we may arrange pick up for you upon prior agreement).


  • The nearest train station is Provodín – Srní in the Česká Lípa, however, the journey takes quite a long time.

SAMMASATI retreat center, Veselí 30, 470 02 Zákupy