Photo – Concert of Rishi, MAOK and Dalibor Neuwirt 2015

TRIBAL RESONANCE – Concert of Rishi, MAOK and Dalibor Neuwirt

On Thursday, 10. 9. 2015, the concert TRIBAL RESONANCE took place. The motto was “DANCE – TRANCE – HARMONY”

The main initiator of the concert was Rishi, who invited MAOK and Dalibor Neuwirt to create an unforgettable event together. These three connected their musical talent and created a trully unique concert. All participants had the opportunity to get carried away on the rhythm of Rishi´s electrifying drums, surrender to Maok´s suggestive guitars  and Dalibor´s mysterious didgeridoo.

The concert was conceived as a dance concert, because our intention was to allow participants to enjoy music without restrictions. We all had a chance to experience the harmonious consonance between trance dance and meditative music, enjoying the spacious, beautiful atmosphere of Pasp hall built in 1871, where the concert took place.

Below you can see pictures from the concert.