About Rituals of Dance, Music and Fire 2017

In this powerful seminar our guides and musicians will take you deep into the sacred world of shamanic ritual and intention. The qualities of Dance, Music and Fire will support us to reconnect to our inner strength, joy and power and bring insight, clarity and healing.They will help you to look deep into your heart, find your intention and start working with it with a new perspective and understanding.


If any of the following „maybe“ resonnates with you, it is highly likely that this seminar is a good choice for you.
Maybe you need to stop for a while and look at your life from perspective, to perceive in which areas you are happy and where you may need a change. To consider where you want to pay more attention and what you no longer need in your life.

Maybe you know what you want to change and you are looking for ways how to do it.

Maybe you wonder why some of your wishes do not come true, you would like to explore the power of words and the power of your subconscious mind and have them on your side.

Maybe you want to take off into the sky, fly high…and then be anchored and grounded again.

Maybe you want to enjoy youself and dance wild…and then calm down in meditation.

Maybe you are thinking about love and relationships … and May 1 is the best time to explore themes of love deeper, to feel love and experience it in your heart.

Maybe you have always wondered how come that a person walking across live coals barefoot does not burn and you would like to try it with us.

Maybe you just love great live music and dancing and you are curious, ready to try something new!

What did people say about last year‘s Rituals?

Rishi and Zdenek combine together everything that can be found within them.  They are bearers of the cosmic energy which speaks through their hands, breath, heart and soul individually to each of you, but in a universal language. The universal language which is taking us to the common goal – love.  I feel real gratitude and thank you for everything I was able to experience with such wonderful people, who played the part in the process.  Many thanks.


I have firewalked already a few times and it was different each time. However, it has always shown me how far I am able to free myself from my mind.


“It is unbelievable that Rishi is able to create an energy loop between him and participants and is able to keep it so alive and pulsating for two hours.  I have never experienced anything like this before.”


“…I am different – reborn, happier, more passionate….freer”


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