5Rhythms Dance

5Rhythms Dance composes of five phases. It begins with FLOWING, then changes into STACCATO, CHAOS and then LYRICS…to finish with STILLNESS. When we connect all these rythms, we call it a WAVE. And after each WAVE comes the next one…


FLOWING | EARTH is the rhythm that learns you to be receptive. It brings you in the body and gives you ground to move on.

STACCATO | FIRE shows us what it is to give. It brings us in a fiery contact with the other.

CHAOS | WATER helps us to surrender and to let go, so we can experience our own ecstatic dance.

LYRICAL | AIR  learns us everything about our own light- and playfulness. We move in to the open space.

STILLNESS | COMPASSION is the rhythm which moves towards our own still point. It’s the dance of coming home.

radost tance